UniPrepper (AP)Advanced Placement Prep

What Is AP?

  • Advanced Placement tests
  • The AP Program offers college-level courses & exams that you can take in high school


Advantages of Advanced Placement:

  • Earn College Credit & Placement (Helps in UG application acceptance)
  • Save Money & Time (AP Credits help you skip & not pay for classes not taken)
  • Keep Your Options Open (Flexibility to change majors or pursue a second degree)
  • Stand Out to Colleges (Shows demonstrated interest)

Who should take AP?

Highly Recommended for Highschool students from:

  • IGCSE AS/A Levels
  • ICSE
  • CBSE
  • State Board

UniPrepper Recommended timeline:

  • Take 1 AP test in Summer of Grade 10 (After consultation with an expert)
  • Take 2 AP test in Summer of Grade 11 (Best time to complete AP test)

Subject Offered

Physics 1 – Algebra

Calculus AB

Physics 2 – Algebra

Calculus BC

Physics C – Mechanics


Physics C – Electricity & Magnetism


Computer Science Principles




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